An essential feature of all the Adventure Overland Shows are the Seminars, talks given by both professional and amateurs.

In fact so popular have they become, the rooms dedicated to these informal talks have also grown over the years as their popularity have increased.

Timing of the talks for the Spring edition of the show (27-28 April 2019) have still to be established, but the following are talks that will take place this April:-


James Davis  “Personal Security When Overlanding”

Canadian born and UK based, James ‘Tembo’ Davis has been overlanding and working in international security for 30 years. He has lived and worked across Africa and currently advises a network of over 100 humanitarian organisations working in some of the world’s most dangerous areas. He will present tools and tips that anyone can use to make clear and informed decisions when assessing actual risks facing overland journeys.



James Davis  “Exploring Morocco’s Empty Quarter: Expeditions to the Remote Rekkam Plateau”

Morocco has always been one of the favorite destinations for adventurous overlanders, but few have ever set out to explore the remote and little known Rekkam Plateau, also known as Morocco’s Empty Quarter. Long dismissed by those looking to see all the better known Moroccan attractions, the vast interior of the Rekkam often remains unexplored. After several expeditions to this remote area, James Davis will present a video and talk about what everyone has been missing: wide open desert plains, wind carved valleys, old roman forts, real Bedouin nomad camps, sand dunes and a a real sense of discovering something new. James is a long time overlander, author, military veteran and founder of Popski’s Private expeditions.


Maximillian ‘Max’ White  “No Gear and No Idea: A Loop of Planet Earth”

The Global Convoy were determined to see the world and meet all the wondrous peoples it contains. They bought cars for £150 and totally clueless, set off across Europe, Central Asia, Siberia and then over to the USA and south to Argentina.

Years from now, when academics intone about the DIY backlash to a modern society drowning in tech, then the Convoy’s story will be cited. The kids from Global Convoy are the new broom and they shovel in rosy-cheeked youthful enthusiasm at its best. No money, no gadgets, no fear — these are the kids your parents warned you about! – Austin Vince


Maximillian ‘Max’ White  “How You Can Make an Award Winning Documentary Whilst Living in a Bike Shed”

Most award-winning documentaries have huge budgets, scores of specialists and can take years to finalise. This one was stitched together by some broke friends in a bike shed and took just over a month! The Global Convoy have honed their skills of budget travel and videography and have made just about every mistake in the book! Whether you want to make a feature-length film or just want to record your next overlanding trip, they’re here to share all the tips and tricks they’ve learnt along the way as well as common film-making pitfalls. From pre-adventure storyboarding and equipment requirements, through to interview techniques and the final editing process, they lay everything out step by step, followed by a Q&A at the end for any individual specific questions.



Kirk Pearson, Darren Roberts and Alan King  “How driving UK greenlanes can lead to worldwide overland adventures”

The seminar will include sections on expedition planning, preparation and kit, plus a large section on route planning featuring “SmartTrail”  – the ATUK bespoke greenlane route planning database.



Zoë Cano “On Yer Bike”

Author of ‘Bonneville Go or Bust – On the Roads Less Travelled’, ‘Southern Escapades’, ‘Chilli, Skulls & Tequila’, ‘Hellbent for Paradise – Tales from Aotearoa’, Zoë has had the spirit for adventure travelling from an early age. A dedicated biker, some of her many exploits include a challenge to row the entire length of the River Thames from its source in the centre of England to Greenwich, travelling solo through the Amazon (setting up a Charity for drawing attention to & helping protect the Amazon Rainforest, our planet’s heart, walked distances along the Great Wall of China, navigated on horseback the Peruvian Andes, the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and with the wildlife migrations across the Kenyan Masai Mara, and crossed the American Continent solo, without assistance, back-up or sat-nav, on a classic Triumph Bonneville T100.



Mike & Sue Wood  “Survival Without Satnav – Navigation for the Nervous?”

Hosted in the main by Mike Wood, his credentials are certainly impressive … 33 years in the British Armed Forces (a host of ‘specialised’ branches), schooled in all types of navigation techniques, Combat Survival instructor (Desert, Tropical, Maritime, Arctic). 3 trips to Morocco solo, unsupported to Western Sahara delivering medical and dental packs to remote communities. Built (and still building) 2 overland camper Defenders, the latest with an Alu-Cab roof. If you need to know about navigation, Mike’s your man!

Also, to add a little spice to the talk, alongside him will be his better half Sue. Apparently she has some strong views on the subject from a non-driver’s perspective – they are a team after all – so to hear both sides of the coin will be mighty interesting.

Don your tin hats folks, it could get messy!  Tom Mc (Event Director)

The title of the seminar says it all, what on earth do you do when your SatNav packs up? Nowadays we are increasingly becoming dependant on electronic navigation, in fact technology in general. Of course all this wizardry can be brilliant, but only when working. Mike and Sue explore the strengths and pitfalls of SatNavs, and importantly what to do when things go wrong! 


Matt Bishop & Reece Gilkes  “Around the world on a scooter with a sidecar”

Matt and Reece will talk you through their 34,000 mile journey around the planet, during which they beat the existing Guinness World Record for the longest journey by scooter and sidecar eight times over!

They arrived back in to the UK in January 2019 as the first people to ever circumnavigate the globe on a scooter with a sidecar having travelled through 35 countries in 15 months on the road. The final part of their journey saw them drive 10,000 km’s back from Vladivostok, Russia in winter! The lads faced driving temperatures as low as -40C and they certainly got the charity challenge they were after! Their journey entitled ‘As Seen From the Sidecar’, raised money and awareness for the fight against modern slavery.

Matt Bishop & Reece Gilkes  Getting sponsorship for your trip and do you really want it? – How we got sponsored to ride around the world on a scooter with a sidecar”

It took Matt and Reece two years to plan their circumnavigation of the globe. They spent very little of that time looking at maps. Instead, they spent most of their time working out how they were going to pay for it. Go along to their talk, find out how they managed to get the money and kit they needed to go around the world and get some helpful tips on getting your trip sponsored.




“Here’s what you could have won”  Quote Jim Bowen, host of 80s/90s TV programme ‘Bullseye ‘

Purely for your interest as they’ve clearly been and gone, the following talks took place last September at the Adventure ‘Late Summer’ Show 2018. The list will however give you an idea of the variety the seminars, plus of course you may still want to contact the speakers via the links provided:-

We are indebted to the following speakers, all of which are non-paid it has to be said … each and every one a dedicated enthusiast in their own right, only too willing to pass on their considerable knowledge for those that follow.

SATURDAY [Sept 2018]

10:00-11:00   Paul Crittenden   “Get Out of That – Vehicle Recovery”

When your vehicle loses traction, breaks down, or gets stuck, whether it’s in a remote desert, a vast salt pan or a muddy riverbed, it’s a little too late to start thinking about how to recover yourself and your vehicle safely and successfully. Paul has almost 100,000 miles of 4×4 exploration on four continents under his belt, including a 4½ year circumnavigation of the world. In this session he’ll share how he prepares himself and his gear for those hopefully rare occasions when forward momentum is lost.




11:00-12:00   Emma Print          “Encouraging More Women to Say Yes to Overlanding – Some Tips and Tricks for Live on the Move”     

Emma has spent seven years living and working in confined spaces; from the heat of a 4×4 in the desert and the cold of a Rocky Mountain winter, to the trials and tribulations of a superyacht chef. Along the way she has accumulated experience learned the hard way, that she will pass on so that you don’t have to!




12:00-13:00   Duncan Gough    Travel to Bring the World Into ‘You’, Not ‘You’ Into the World

Author Duncan Gough will be talking mainly about one of his favourite destinations – Spain – and how as a cultural and geographical bridge to Africa and Arabia it is a great place to develop significant techniques for making the most of your travelling.

NOTE: At 14:00 hrs on Saturday in the “Adventure Travel Author’s Zone” (located in the main grandstand), Duncan will be giving an additional talk entitled Writing Your Adventure” – Travel Writing techniques to get the best from recording your travels. Whether your transport is 2 or 4 wheels or even more for that matter, the concepts for writing blogs to full-blown books is basically the same.




13:00-14:00   David Lovejoy       “Bushcraft & Overlanding, They Go Hand-in-Hand”

How bushcraft compliments successful overland travel. A self-confessed, adventurer, cynic and overland nut, Dave’s spent a ridiculous amount of his life travelling near and far – on foot, canoe, boat, motorbike and by 4×4. In his spare time he is a builder for, designer of, teacher and instructor, plus ‘friend on the phone’ for many overland travellers. Also Captain of a group entitled ‘Beardy Overlanders On a Budget Society’ (yes … BOOBS), he and the group can be found virtually opposite the white Semiar Sessions marquee. It’s open house so by all means call in and say “hello!”


14:00-15:00       Paul and Marilyn Longden                   “Overlanding in North America”

Everything you wanted to know but we’re afraid to ask. 10000 miles of guns, bears, private healthcare, language difficulties, escort agencies, probably the world’s friendliest people and some amazing landscapes. Vehicle of choice – a 1996 Mercedes 814d van, possibly the only one in North America. What could possibly go wrong?!?

 15:00-16:00   Linzi Anne Allcock & John Bowling  “Converting Overland Vehicles”

The pros and cons of the different vehicles; how they practically cope on the road/when travelling; mistakes; the ultimate overlanding vehicle + showcasing the latest project called ‘Icarus’.




16:00-17:00   Van den Bout and friends   Kalahari from Buckinghamshire to the Bush”

Our Journey Around South West Africa. Planning the trip, the route we took, the complications and the recommendations.


SUNDAY [Sept 2018]


10:00-11:00   Jenny and Gavin Lowrie   Ruby the Landy Drives the Americas”

Jen and Gav spent 2 years in Ruby, their Land Rover Defender 300 Tdi driving across the Americas, returning at the end of May 2018. Their talk will include a whistle-stop tour of the planning and preparation for the trip, useful kit, the journey, the breakdowns, the magical moments and the things they learnt along the way.




11:00-12:00   Austin Tucker  “Through The Alps & Pyrenees in 4 Weeks”

What it’s like to live out of your rig for an entire month off-road through some of the best areas Europe has to offer overlanders, plus what to plan for. 



12:00-13:00   Bill Lawler       “Adventure Overlanding Across Three Continents With Our Xpcamper”

For for the last 18 months Bill and his wife Julie have been touring in their V2 XPCamper. Starting in California they have done both American continents from Alaska to Patagonia. They shipped from Uruguay to Belgium early this summer, have just left Russia en route to Stratford-upn-Avon via Spain. They intend to cover Africa, Asia and Australasia in the next two years.



13:00-14:00       Jo Vansittart and Bruce Lee     “Travelling Around Southern Africa”

Our trip across Southern Africa over the winter of 2017 travelling in Betty Buster, a 4WD Mercedes T2 814 Vario converted by Bruce. Having shipped it down to Namibia we spent 5  months travelling round the southern states of Africa from Walvis Bay to Durban via Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


14:00-15:00   Paul Crittenden   “Creating an Overland Vehicle That Works For You”

There are no end of people exerting that theirs is the ‘Ultimate Overland’ vehicle build,  but is this an irritating concept and a dangerous fantasy? It’s easy to get drawn in by the excitement and technical hype and create something shiny, expensive, and impressive –  but unsuited to your actual needs. Currently on his third overland vehicle build, in this talk Paul will help you to think about your build in a different way, and come up with solutions and answers that work for you.

The original Global Convoy was a ‘Round The World’ overlanding adventure which crossed 4 continents, 46 countries, 5 deserts, 5 seas and 7 mountain ranges and it had hundreds of different people – from 33 different nationalities – involved from beginning to end.



15:00-16:00   Richard Matthews  “Overlanding in Central Asia with a Budget Vehicle”

Don’t all round-the-world travellers look like this?

Based on his adventures on the Mongol Rally and the Global Convoy Expedition, Richard will be talking through his experience of overlanding through Central Asia in more impractical vehicles and what the benefits are for taking this novel approach.

An Adventurer, Public Speaker and Expedition Planner, Richard will open your eyes what can be achieved WITHOUT breaking the bank!