Building on the successful introduction of WORKSHOPS last April as part of the Adventure Overland ‘Spring’ Show, there will be two specialised WORKSHOPS during this Adventure Overland ‘Late Summer’ Show.

Located in the main grandstand, they are on two vital subjects that relate directly to overland travel …

Self-Build Campers and Navigation


SELF-BUILD CAMPER WORKSHOP: “Self-Build Campers”. Hosted by Steve Wigglesworth, author of Build Your Own Overland Camper (Haynes Publishing), he has kindly agreed to be available throughout the weekend answering questions about camper self-builds … both big and small. His Daf T244 truck, the one featured in his book, will be parked directly outside the main grandstand.



 11:00-12:00, 14:00-15:00 (Sat)    What to buy ~ How to Convert It?

 11:00-12:00 (Sun)  What to buy ~ How to Convert It?


NAVIGATION WORKSHOP: Hosted by Mike Wood, his credentials are certainly impressive … 33 years in the British Armed Forces (a host of ‘specialised’ branches), schooled in all types of navigation techniques, Combat Survival instructor (Desert, Tropical, Maritime, Arctic). 3 trips to Morocco solo, unsupported to Western Sahara delivering medical and dental packs to remote communities. Built (and still building) 2 overland camper Defenders, the latest with an Alu-Cab roof. If you need to know about navigation, Mike’s your man! 


12:00-13:00 (Sat)           Survival Without Satnav – Navigation for the Nervous?

The title says it all, what on earth do you do when your SatNav packs up? Nowadays we are increasingly becoming dependant on electronic navigation, in fact technology in general. Of course all this wizardry can be brilliant, but only when working. Mike explores the strengths and pitfalls of SatNavs, and importantly what to do when things go wrong!

 12:00-13:00 (Sun)          Getting from A to B – a navigator’s A to Z.

Each letter of the alphabet has an obscure or useful navigation fact attached to it, so take a journey along the road – we can stop wherever you like.