List of Exhibitors

NOTE: Visitors are advised to contact traders pre-event to confirm attendance. Companies may book a Trade Stand Pitch in advance, but for a variety of reasons may not be able to attend on the day.

Many traders also provide 'free delivery' at the event should you purchase an item online pre-event, so it is worth asking!

The following list is updated at irregular intervals, normally as traders book pitches for the upcoming edition of the event. It is therefore not always completely up to date.





Specialist Motorcaravan Services -


Stone Circle Designs -



Charitable causes supported by the "Adventure Overland Show" + "International Campervan Show"

A&T Adventures -


2 Disability and Beyond  -

CALM - Confirmed AOS + ICS SE`20









Convoy 4 Heroes - Confirmed AOS + ICS SE`20









Driven to Extremes  TBC









GLASS - Confirmed AOS + ICS SE`20





Sheepskin-Hug - Confirmed AOS + ICS SE`20

Shoulder2Shoulder  -








Team Chaos - Confirmed AOS + ICS SE`20










Veterans in Action - Confirmed AOS + ICS SE`20

Woodland Trust  - TBC






Chef Campers  -


Kev’s “Bushcraft for Kids”  -










Ridgeside Falconry  -