If you are displaying your vehicle, why not join this gallery by sending us a photograph and we'll upload it for you?

Definitely over 7.5 tonnes KVW is this Bedford MK 4x4 with proud owner 'Mambo Mark'.

Don't forget, to help offset their high fuel costs, all Display Vehicles over 8.0 tonnes GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) automatically receive free entry for camping and day admission. To see if your pride 'n' joy qualifies simply email myself Tom McGuigan [Event Director] at 4x4trading@talk21.com so I can return a Display Vehicle Booking Form.

Ken Arnold's beautiful Land Rover Defender 6x6

However ... this is not to say that all Display Vehicles have to weigh over 8.0 tonnes. They can come in all shapes and sizes - the VW Beetle pictured here being a classic example - it's just that owners of 'lightweight' vehicles normally have to pay the going rate for camping/admission. Again, contact us if you have something special, you never know as a complimentary pass may still be possible!

Pedro the Bug








Here follows just a small sample of the vehicles that are either booked into the forthcoming event, or simply for your interest, have displayed their "pride 'n' joys" at previous shows ...

Purchased in 2020 with just 5,000 km on the clock, this Volvo 6x4 is a rarity in the UK.



Begining life in the Belgian Army, 'The Beast' was purchased by Jackie & Mark Lambert to tackle future travels overland to Mongolia.  Incidentally, Jackie is a renowned author of 'doggie' books ... including the "Adventure Caravanning with Dogs" series, "Year 1: Fur Babies in France - From Wage Slaves to Living the Dream", "Dog on the Rhine - From Rat Race to Road Trip", "Dogs 'n' Dracula - A Road Trip Through Romania", and "Pups on Piste - A Ski Season in Italy".

Check out and like her Facebook page!  Facebook: @JacquelineLambertAuthor  Blog: www.WorldWideWalkies.com



Richard Dolloway's 2003 LWB Hi-Top Ford Transit.
Very standard on the outside, he has transformed the interior into something to be very proud of.
The use of colour and materials gives it a light and airy feel, it's a self-build masterclass!


What you can achieve during a pandemic ...

The Land Rover Discovery 300 Tdi of Roger Thorley and his son, residents of St Helens, Merseyside.

Whilst cutting out rust at the rear of a standard Disco 1, the decision was made to turn it into a 0ne-berth campervan.



Having recently retired, it'll be Roger's full time 'home from home' as he goes travelling.



The exterior is based on the hordings surrounding St Pancras Station during its rebuild.

Congrats, a great result the pair of you.

Based on your design, expect to see a few more conversions like yours on the road before too long!





Chris Buxton's 'work-in-progress' Merc 308D









Chris' quirky interior ... beautiful!


David Wilson's new project - an ex Army M.A.N. about to be coverted to a camper.

Built in Japan, the unique Mitsubishi Delica L300 KC P25T 4x4 truck with custom camper body of Martyn & Helen Betts.








James Warren's well-travelled Tuk Tuk. Next trip is Cairo to Cape Town!
Fantstic airbrushed artwork adorns the Ford Transit camper of Debbie & Arthur Lowrey.









Simon Eley's Scania
The 'Mog of Heiko Simmchen











Follow the progress of Genghis, the 1982 Bedford MJ at http://www.thelorrylife.com

Tik & Sarah's Mercedes Sprinter and newly-built expedition trailer.








Roland Ager's 14.2 tonne M.A.N. KAT1 ... and tail!

Paul Jackman's Daf T244 affectionately known as 'Milly'









Van Life: On the road with a 2011 VW Crafter, the pride 'n' joy of Suzie & Michael Walter
Now THAT's a kitchen. The entire living space is an interior designer's dream!










Virtually unique in the UK, this rarity is Piers Bryant's ex Australian Army Perentie 6x6. Based on a Land Rover Defender it was converted in Oz by JRA Limited. Not only does it feature a galvanised chassis, it also boasts a powerful 3.9 litre turbo diesel Isuzu engine.










The Mercedes Vario is a good base vehicle, even in this state!






What a lick of paint can achieve.
From a sow's ear to a silk purse! Owner Stew Devereux can be rightly proud of his achievement - the transformation is well worthy of any display.


Self-built over a 16 week period, Lawrence Gameson's Land Rover Defender 130, it was designed with a very specific pupose in mind.
That purpose was to travel over a 5 week period 1/4 way around the world to the Altai Region of Russia and back. That's 10,000 miles in 3 weeks of driving!!!


Based on an American AM General M934 truck, the vehicle was imported from the Netherlands where it was used by the American Army as a mobile command post.

Boasting sliding side pods, when set up it's 14ft wide!






We just love the variety of vehicles this event attracts. This next vehicle is a classic example!

A lot more motor home than most motorhomes.
This beautiful conversion was featured on George Clark's "Amazing Spaces" TV series.
According to Simon, it's a DAF CF 18ton 'house truck'








Another lovely looking 'live-in' 2WD truck, this being a 2005 DAF LF 7.5 tonner.
Owned by Charlie Glover it's an ex Royal Mail delivery vehicle.


A self-built conversion from the ground up it's another classic example of the 'home on wheels'. Great to see these starting to filter into the show.












Mounted on an Isuzu Rodeo, pictured here is the impressive Aero One Demountable Camper. Manufactured in Poland, proud owner Thomas Woodward reckons this prototype camper is probably the only one of its type in the UK … he’s almost certainly right!












Mo maybe slow but he's on the go to the show! What did you expect? The event maybe held in Stratford-upon-Avon but I'm certainly no bard!






How quirky is this??? The Chick family's pride 'n' joy - Mo the Morris Traveller Camper. Having just completed a tour of Britain which they called "Round the UK on a Tenner a Day" they will be no doubt be telling tales of daring do! You'll find them over near the Truck Pulling attraction in the grandstands complex.


1970 Gaz-66. Manufactured in Russia, this Gaz is the pride 'n' joy of one Colin Woollard - was used as a radio repair vehicle in the Czech Army, then converted into an overland camper 2010.









The Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79 of Ian Harrell. 3.5 ton in weight, the Australian-built camper has crossed all six navigable continents and just retrurned from the Americas.








There is nothing like leaving it to the last minute. Case in point is the M.A.N. of John Julyan, as his new baby will be entering the paint booth on Saturday 21st September 2019 ... the weekend preceding the 'Late Summer' edition of the show!

No problem, that's a whole week for the paint to cure!!


Of what we've heard, he's not the only one. The Adventure Overland Show + International Campervan Show is fast developing into the place to exhibit owner's latest creations - long may it continue.

Keep 'em coming!





Photo: David Wilson



Photo: David Wilson



Photo: David Wilson







Photo: David Wilson
Photo: David Wilson



Photo: David Wilson
Photo: David Wilson






Land Rover Series One

The Grandfather of them all SNX 891

“Oxford” from First Overland

2WD Vauxhall Movano


More and more 2WD vans are being coverted into campervans, and of those more and more are being made into off-road vehicles.

Previously the sole domain of 4×4 vehicles, folk are finally realising that two-wheel-drives can venture into the rough too.

Okay, with some vans there is always going to be the issue of ground clearance, but given terrain which isn’t rutted or marshy, a 4×2 vehicle can often cope remarkably well.

Case in point, this Vauxhall Movano owned by Kevin Perks of Walsall is a typical example of the shift in thinking towards lighter (and roomier) 2WD vehicles.

Land Rover series IIA

Larry – the well travelled Series IIA

Overland Journal

Mercedes Vario 814DA

Purchased from Ireland 2014 as a cable carrier. Weighing in at 7.5 ton the Vario was converted by owner Clive Edwins of Bedfordshire to present motorhome spec.

Mercedes Vario 814DA

Campers come in all shapes and sizes, this one is about as big as it gets.

Craig Room’s ex German army high mobility load carrier – a MAN kat1 8×8, with rear body converted into a camper.

2005 Unimog U3000


Bought by owner Mark Ribbands of Norfolk in 2015 from ebay, the ‘Mog was originally a cherry-picker used in forestry. And as an added bonus … it only had 20,000 miles on the clock!

MAN L2000

Technically this truck is a MAN L2000 L E A R K LE 160C. As that’s a bit of a mouthful, she is now known as “OWT” which is a shortened version of her blog Ourworldtraveller.com.

Owned by Phil and Lynn Seddon, OWT was found as an ex army snowplough in Preston in 2013.  

Phil then set about designing and building the camper body, although it turned up at the Adventure Overland Show in September 2015 as an empty box, only managing to get the MOT and insurance on the day of the show!

The work of fitting out progressed quickly and OWT went on its first shakedown trip in February 2016.

This was for four months. “We starting off skiing in the Alps”, explained Phil, “and ended up nearly falling off a track in the Moroccan Atlas.”

Work then stalled on the truck for almost two years due to family commitments and another project.  This year however the truck has started to progress as Phil and Lynn intend shipping her out to Canada in Spring 2019.

OWT has a new external colour scheme and if you want to see the rest of the changes you will have to call by at the Adventure Overland ‘Late Summer’ Show to see for yourself.

Aero One Demountable Camper

Mounted on an Isuzu Rodeo, pictured here is the impressive Aero One Demountable Camper.

Manufactured in Poland, proud owner Thomas Woodward reckons this prototype camper is probably the only one of its type in the UK … he’s almost certainly right!


Mercedes 1226AF

“The Big Merc” expedition truck of Martin & Krista Webb. Originally built in 1980 as a fire truck for the Swiss Fire Service, the new owners only purchased it last year as a chassis and cab. Since then they have spent 11 months of spare time building the rear box and fitting it out to their own design.

The vehicle weighs 12 ton and features a full height walkthrough from cab to living quarters. A double cab gives 5 forward facing seats, the rear 2 swivelling to give extra seating in the rear. A double bed and 2 x single bunks, a bathroom with shower, toilet and sink, and a fully fitted kitchen.

Now resplendant in it’s new blue livery, it’s definitely a worthy candidate for a Display Vehicle.