The Adventure Overland Show at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse ... the UK's home of campers 'on the move'! Photo courtesy: LRW Films

Following another successful 'Spring' edition of the event last April - despite the dreadful weather!!! - the 'Late Summer' edition of the Adventure Overland Show is on its way!

16-17 SEPTEMBER 2023


PRE-EVENT CAMPING (with full facilities):-

This is possible from 13:00 Thursday 14th September 2023 @ £20.00 per tent or any size vehicle - pay cash on arrival, plastic not accepted.


SHOW WEEKEND CAMPING (3 nights, Fri-Sun):-

From 13:00 Friday 15th to Sunday 17th September 2023 inclusive, depart the venue by 16:00 Monday 18th September 2023. Prices are listed here.


ADULT DAY ADMISSION (children under 16 yrs are free, therefore no need to book for children in advance. Accompanied by an adult, they will simply be handed a wristband at the gate upon arrival):-

Saturday 16th September 2023  10:00 - 17:00

Sunday 17th September 2023 10:00 - 16:00




"SEVERN CIDER BEER TENT" - FRIDAY EVENING "Stone Age-themed Disco"  (prize for the the best outfit), SATURDAY EVENING "LIVE MUSIC"






Please note ... should any of our events be cancelled due to government legislation (i.e. public health issues), all visitors who book online in advance ( via https://adventure-overland-show.com/tickets ) will automatically have their bookings refunded.


PLUS ...

Traders will have their booking rolled over to the next edition of the event.





There are two editions of the event every year -

'Spring' edition: 15-16 April 2023 (14-15 April 2024)

'Late Summer' edition: 16-17 September 2023 (15-16 September 2024)


Both editions of the ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW featuring mainly 4WD vehicles, will take place at the prestigious Stratford Racecourse, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

Held the very same weekend at the same racecourse venue (directly alongside the ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW) will be its sister event ... the International Campervan Show featuring mainly 2WD vehicles. This effectively means that visitors pay just one price for admission and/or camping, yet are able to see twice as many Trade Stands (100+ at the last event), Seminars, etc. with the attractions far more diverse than ever before. With unlimited access to both shows, that's basically ... "2 shows for the price of 1".

Bringing together those of us who love exploring the great outdoors, the joint event includes two full days of free-to-attend seminars (presented by both professional and amateur speakers), spanning a host of subjects covering 4x4s, 2WD campervans, adventure bikes and expedition trucks, traders galore including campervan and truck conversion specialists, clubs & their fire-pits, "Bushcraft For Kids", incredible display vehicles, the "Travel Author's Zone" complete with book signings, the "Adventure Bike Zone" and various interactive workshops ... basically it's the biggest and best event of its type in the land!

In conjunction with the world renowned adventure travel magazine Overland Journal as a Media Partner, the joint ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOWInternational Campervan Show is anything but yet another boring ol' show with vehicles simply lined up in a row. Instead it's a major festival of all things related to campers and “homes on the move”.

So whether you’re seeking a factory-built motor caravan, a company specialising in build to order van-to-campervan conversions or simply ideas for your next self-build project, then Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse is the place to go!

The same goes for accessories and add-on’s for professional and self-built vehicles, components to convert your van, coach, horsebox or lorry into an expedition truck to take on the world - the joint ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW + International Campervan Show is there to fulfill all your needs.

Regarding vehicle types, all are welcome from 2WD Bedford Rascals to the largest horseboxes, coaches and buses, all types and model of van, 4WDs like Land Rovers, Toyotas and Sprinters, right through to ex-military Reynolds Broughtons and M.A.N. 8x8 trucks!

The bottom line is ... whether your ideal camper is new or old, has all the chrome bells ‘n’ whistles or simply an understated ‘stealth model’, if it has four or more wheels and space to sleep, then it’s a campervan – something that’ll fit right in to the show!

Again, the joint ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW + International Campervan Show is not an out ‘n’ out Land Rover/4x4/motorhome/caravan show (although motorhome owners are obviously more than welcome to attend as nobody actually knows the true definition of a campervan, motorhome, motor caravan or auto-sleeper!) but a dedicated event aimed fair and square at vans, buses or truck-type campers in all their many forms.

Welcome one and all!


Tom McGuigan (Event Director)


07958 216266

P.S. If you belong to an official club, Facebook group, forum or simply a group of friends who are into camping, then by all means contact us at 4x4trading@talk21.com about a club/group stand at the joint ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW + International Campervan Show.  The criteria is simple ... six vehicles minimum per club/group. This way you can present your club/group to the public, and importantly, stay together on one pitch all weekend.


IMPORTANT - "2 Shows for the price of 1"

As mentioned, the ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW is mainly 4WD vehicles whereas the International Campervan Show is mainly 2WD. However, there is such a crossover between the two types of vehicle (i.e. Mercedes Sprinters and VW Transporters are available in both 4x4 and 4x2 versions), it has proved impossible to have two separate shows 'under one roof' so to speak ... therefore visitors will find the two shows have blended into one giant event. The same goes for traders as their products/services often cover 2WD and 4WD.

This being the case, Day Visitors only have to purchase one admission ticket (Sat or Sun) for the entire event - thus covering the ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW + International Campervan Show. It's truly "2 shows for the price of 1"


Standard adult admission in 2019 (before the pandemic) was £15 per day (Saturday or Sunday), children under 16 years free. This admission charge was reduced ... yes reduced ... in 2021 as we introduced a 'Family Fun Day' on the Sunday of the event. We have carried this over to 2023.

Adult admission therefore is:-

Saturday 16th September 2023 ~ £15 per adult (children under 16 years free)

Sunday 17th September 2023 ~ £10 per adult (children under 16 years free)



For the very latest information about the 'Late Summer' edition of the joint International Campervan Show + ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW visit the event's two Facebook pages ...

Adventure Overland Show Community




F.A.Qs ('Late Summer' edition: 16-17 September 2023)

Q  What is the address of the venue?

A  Stratford Racecourse, Luddington Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 9SF

Q  What are the show's opening hours for Day Visitors?

A  10:.00 – 17:00 Saturday 16th September 2023, 10:00 – 16:00 Sunday 17th September 2023.

Q  Where are Camping Pitches located?

A   For a start, Camping Pitches are on basic grass, not manicured lawns of bowling/putting green standard. This is because in April the 'buttercup grass' is used for silage (winter feed) for animals. Longer grass soon folds down to become a green & yellow carpet which also prevents the ground becoming muddy. A combination of mowed grass, rain and vehicle movement/foot traffic quickly turns green areas into brown mud baths, whereas longer grass flattens out and stays green for the duration of the show! In September the grass is still a little long, but perfectly acceptable.

For those who book early, there are several camping areas within the 'middle of the racecourse'. When and if we announce that camping is sold out, then camping is still available within The Meadow. This area however is weather dependent, plus it has limited facilities (just temporary toilets - showers/Elsan disposal points/drinking water is a 5 min. walk), so if you're late when booking camping, always telephone first on 07305 011 515 to enquire about availability.

Q  When can campers start arriving?

A  Pre-event camping is available from 13:00 to 20:00 Thursday 14th September 2023 @ just £20 per night for tents and vehicles of any size. No need to pre-book, simply pay in cash upon arrival (plastic not accepted).

Please be aware that due to safety reasons, a temporary 'Overnight Holding Area' operates from 20:00 Thurs and Fri nights, until 09:00 the following morning. This means that should you arrive at the venue after 20:00 you can still get in to camp and avail yourself of all the facilities (toilets, showers, drinking water, etc.), plus entertainment ("Severn Cider Beer Tent" Stone Age-themed disco Fri night - DRESS UP!!! - plus a covers band Sat night + Tom Dibb's "Campervan Live Lounge" live music Fri & Sat nights, plus hot food from the catering outlets up until 23:00. In the morning you can then be booked in at Check-in and wristbands collected for your pre-paid bookings.

For the actual show, the gate officially opens Saturday 16th September 2023 at 10:00.

NOTE: To avoid potential queues, campers are advised to arrive before the rush on Friday as it's always busy!

Q  When do campers have to leave?

A  Weekend Camping Passes are for up to 3 nights Friday 15th to Sunday 17th September 2023. Departure by 16:00 Monday 18th September 2023.

Q  How much is day admission?

A  £15 per adult Saturday 16th September 2023, £10 per adult Sunday 17th September 2023 (price reduction on Sunday as this is the Family Fun Day), children under 16’s free of charge - thus negating the need for ‘family tickets’. Children therefore do not have to booked in advance, so will not appear on online E-tickets. Accompanied by an adult, they will simply be handed a Child Wristband upon arrival.

Q  How much for parking?

A  All parking is free ... although donations to the car park staff's charity fund-raising for Macmillan Cancer Support are always welcome! Every penny goes direct to the charity.

Q  Is Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse disabled-friendly?

A  In the main yes, but uneven ground is a possibility. Overall disabled access however is very good - from blue badge parking to a lift and disabled ramps in the main grandstand.

Q  Is there a Disabled Camping Area?

A  Yes. For blue badge holders there is an allocated area within the racecourse's Touring Park, with or without electric hook-up. This is a large area on level mowed grass.

Electric hook-ups for up to 4 nights in the racecourse's "Quiet Area Touring Park" @ £25.00. These can be booked online via Ticketsource ticket agency.  For some bizarre reason it's not possible to book camping an electric hook-up together! Therefore ... first book and pay for your Weekend Camping Pass, then book and pay for electric hook-up. 

Upon arrival simply inform the Gate Marshal that you want to be pitched in the Disabled Camping Area ... and have your Blue Badge ready for presentation. No Blue Badge, you will be moved on to a regular camping pitch.

Q  Are there any concessions?

A  Only one - carers of disabled persons. How does this work? The disabled person books and pays for standard Day Admission and Camping (if relevant) in the normal way - either online in advance here or pay cash at the gate upon arrival.

Then the Registered Carer must provide proof at the gate upon arrival. This can be in the form of written proof of Carer's Allowance or a local authority Carer's Emergency Card.  No proof ... no complimentary pass!

Q  Is there mobility scooter hire available on site?

A  Unfortunately we do not have any mobility scooter hire on site at this event. If you bring your own, these can be charged at the Event Office.

Q  Are programmes available at the event?

A  Information sheets covering trade stands, seminar descriptions/timings and general information such as a Site Map will be available from 10:00 hrs Saturday 16th September 2023 either at the gate upon arrival, or from the Event Office - basically when the show opens to Day Visitors Saturday morning. We hope however to have them available even earlier!

Q  Are there crèche facilities?

A  No.

Q  What is the medical/first aid procedure?

A  Please advise a Marshal of any incidents.  The First Aid Post is located in the grandstands complex - entering through white gates, the Sadler's Bar is to the left, then just beyond an archway to the left is the First Aid Post.   


Q  Are dogs allowed?

A  Yes ... on short leads and under control at all times, plus ‘clean up’ is essential. The safety of our visitors is paramount, therefore owners who let their dogs run loose will be warned just once, any further breeches to the rules they will be escorted off site with no refund. We really don't want to impose a blanket ban on dogs from attending, hence the strict rules.

Q  What facilities are available?

A  There are several standard/disabled toilet blocks housed within the grandstands complex and a central permanent brick building adjacent to the various campsites. Showers are at these locations as well. There are four mains water supply points for campers, but unfortunately no electric hook-ups. Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, phones, etc. can however be charged at the Event Office free of charge.

Q  Is there a cash machine on site?

A  No. The nearest is an internal free-to-withdraw ATM at "Simply Fresh" convenience store during opening hours in Evesham Road (opposite side of the road to the racecourse heading towards the town centre - 10 min walk, 2 min drive), or an external free-to-withdraw ATM open 24 hrs at the Shell service station in Evesham Road (again, opposite side of the road to the racecourse heading towards the town centre - 15 mins walk, 3 min drive).

Q  Can I take photos/videos at the event?

A  Yes, but unless prior permission is sought from the organiser, no drones may be used during the show.

Q  Is there security on site?

A  Yes. The main gate is staffed 24h, commencing 13:00 hrs Friday 15th to 16:00 Sunday 17th September 2023. Here all access is rigorously controlled. A wristband system operates, therefore it is possible to come and go as you please 09:00 to 20:00 Friday to Sunday as the gate is guarded but unlocked. Thereafter phone 0800 112 3020 for access. In addition security patrols operate throughout the night.

Exiting the site for emergency reasons is instantly possible, but otherwise expect delays as security checks will be carried out. To protect their property, exhibitors and campers expect and will receive a high degree of protection, hence the organisers will do their utmost to provide a safe, secure event. NOTE: Should security deem it necessary to call the police for a thorough vehicle check, they will do so! 

If you want to go into Stratford-upon-Avon in the evening and are likely to return after 20:00 ... please do not drive, instead get a taxi for just £5.00 (approx.) Vehicle movement in the dark is dangerous, we endeavour to limit driving at night in all cases.

SHOWTIME: 24hr SECURITY / MEDICAL EMERGENCY NUMBER: 0800 112 3020 [Magister Events]

Please support the event charity CALM

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“We’ve been pleased to be a part of the Adventure Overland Show since it started and it’s our favourite show of the year, with a definite family feel.”

Dara & Lucy King Tuff-Trek

“Trade-wise, it’s the best show of the year for me, do really well there.”

David Cartwright Forest Edge Supplies

“It’s the only show of the year of its type … love it, it’s dead friendly!”

Andy Case Green Box Lighting Company

“Great Success!”

Phill Bond APB Trading Ltd.