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'LATE SUMMER' EDITION 17-18 September 2022

Show Opening Hours:-

Saturday 17th September 2022     10:00 – 17:00

Sunday 18th September 2022      10:00– 16:00



Online in advance adult admission (Sat): £14.85 (includes 10% online discount & the ticket agency's booking fee)

Online in advance adult admission (Sun): £9.90 (includes 10% online discount & the ticket agency's booking fee). Admission is reduced Sunday 18th September 2022 as it's (a) The Family Fun Day, and (b) there will be a one-day autojumble.

Child admission – under 16 years (Sat or Sun) FREE - children therefore won't appear on E-tickets, they will simply be handed a wristband at Check-in upon arrival.



Weekend Camping Pass

A Weekend Camping Pass covers 1 'camping unit'.


Camping Unit

A 'camping unit' is either a tent, trailer tent or caravan … or sleeping in, on or alongside a 4x4/car/campervan/motorhome/truck.


Campsite Layout

Standard camping policy applies, pitches to be 6m apart to act as a fire break.


Weekend Camping Passes

There are two types of Weekend Camping Pass -

2-Wheel Weekend Camping Pass (for riders and/or pillion passengers of bicycles/motorbikes)

4-Wheel Weekend Camping Pass (for owners of 4x4s/cars/campervans/motorhomes/trucks ... or simply a car and tent.


Camping Pitch Sizes

The size of pitch you choose will depend entirely on the size of your camper, caravan/trailer & towing vehicle or ground tent. Please remember to include in your measurements - awnings, guy ropes, sun loungers, picnic tables & chairs, windbreaks, toilet tents, etc. Whatever you can fit into your pitch is fair game.

The following photos are simply examples of what we think would fit into a particular size camping pitch, but we can't measure your vehicle and kit ... only you can!

There are four size options, all of which include camping for up to 3 nights Fri-Sun, plus 2-day admission Sat & Sun:-


MICRO Camping Pitch: 6m (wide) x 5m (deep) ... from £58.50








STANDARD Camping Pitch: 6m (wide) x 8m (deep) ... from £80.10





LARGE Camping Pitch: 6m (wide) x 12m (deep) ... from £122.40













OVERSIZE Camping Pitch: 6m (wide) x 16m (deep) ... from £136.80




Important: If when you arrive you find that your vehicle, awning, tent, guy ropes or whatever does not fit on to the pitch you booked, not only will you will be charged the difference between your existing pitch and the next size up, you will have to move to another row containing the next largest size pitch, so please make absolutely certain you get your measurements correct. As mentioned, remember to include enough space for awnings, windbreaks, children's tent/s, toilet tents, additional vehicles such as cars, etc. Even enough room to open doors is essential. There is no limit to the space you can book. You can even book two adjoining pitches if it suits your needs (at twice the price obviously), just ensure that you have enough space to enjoy the weekend.


Two or more adjoining camping pitches of the same size - Micro, Standard, Large or Oversize (two or more owners want to camp alongside each other. They can either arrive together or at different times)

SOLUTION: Whoever arrives first, simply ask the Camping Marshal to reserve camping pitches for your friends alongside yours. This can be done for two adjoining pitches next to each other, or three, four, even more. The reason we can do this is because they will all be the same length and depth, so very simple to mark out.

Two or more adjoining camping pitches of different sizes (called a "Group Area Plot" this is a large single plot where owners with different size vehicles can be together all weekend. They can either arrive together or at different times)

BOOKING DEADLINE: Wednesday 7th September 2022.

Obviously groups of friends will want to camp together over the weekend, but what happens if they all have different size vehicles and therefore will require different size camping pitches?

SOLUTION: The answer is simple, book a "Group Area Plot".

For example: Three friends from Birmingham, Coventry and Rugby all want to attend our show. Arriving separately it would be difficult 'reserving a space' for others who may arrive the following day. Now we have the perfect solution – quick and easy!

With this new system called a "Group Area Plot" each person will individually book the correct size pitch online, the one that suits them best. So collectively, they may have booked ...

One Micro Camping Pitch: 6m wide x 5m deep = 30 sq m (e.g. for a Suzuki Jimny and a small ground tent)

One Standard Camping Pitch:   6m wide x 8m deep = 48 sq m (e.g. for a Land Rover/Landcruiser, rear roof tent and side awning)

Large Camping Pitch:    6m wide x 12m deep = 72 sq m (e.g. for a 4x4, a caravan and a hatchback)

Collectively that adds up to 150 sq m.

To reserve a "Group Area Plot" one nominated person from the friends has to email myself Tom McGuigan at with the three Ticketsource Reference Numbers. I will then allocate a "Group Area Plot" 150 sq m in size, and reply with a "Group Area Plot" number (e.g. GAP 14).

Upon arrival all the three friends have to do is ask the Gate Marshal for GAP 14, who will direct them there. Even if they arrive at separate times, they will still seek out GAP 14.



How to book and pay for a Weekend Camping Pass

Book online by clicking on the TicketSource logo top right-hand corner of this page. You will receive an E-ticket via SMS text message, email or post - whichever you nominate.

Download and print your E-ticket for scanning at the gate upon arrival, or it can be scanned directly off you phone (not always ideal as phones get lost/damaged so are difficult to scan, or they simply lose charge) - printed E-tickets are far more secure and faster to process upon arrival.


NOTE: When booking camping, remember that children under 16 years go FREE, so they will not appear on E-tickets. Instead they will be issued a wristband at Check-in upon arrival.


Due to the lifting of Covid restrictions, in addition to online booking in advance, pay-at-the-gate camping is once again possible. Cash only, plastic not accepted.

However, be aware that camping was SOLD OUT in June and Sept 2021, and 95% SOLD OUT in June 2022. Therefore the only guaranteed way to acquire a Weekend Camping Pass is to book online in advance via

If it's really not possible for you to book online in advance, always phone first (07305 011 515) to see if pay-at-the-gate camping is still available ... so even if you read SOLD OUT in the Ticketsource website, 'overflow camping' may still be possible upon arrival.  



Q:  Are dogs welcome?

A:  Yes ... on short leads and under control at all times, plus ‘clean up’ is essential. Due to several dog-related incidents in the past (dog fights or even attacking visitors), owners who let their dogs run loose will be warned just once, any further breeches to the rules they will be escorted off site with no refund. We really don't want to impose a blanket ban on dogs from attending, hence the strict rules.


Q:  What facilities are there for persons with disabilities?

A:  The venue is very 'disabled friendly' with all buildings accessible including ramps, lifts, toilets and showers. For Day Visitors - Blue Badge Disabled Parking is available.


Q:  Is there a Disabled Camping Area?

A:  Yes. For blue badge holders there is an allocated area within the racecourse's Touring Park, with or without electric hook-up. This is a large area on level mowed grass.

Electric hook-up cost is £5 per vehicle per night.

Upon arrival simply inform the Gate Marshal that you want to be pitched in the Disabled Camping Area ... and have your Blue Badge ready for presentation. No Blue Badge, you will be moved on to a regular camping pitch.


Q:  Are there any concessions?

A:  Only one - carers of disabled persons. How does this work? The disabled person books and pays for standard Day Admission and Camping (if relevant) in the normal way - either online in advance here or pay cash at the gate upon arrival.

Then the Registered Carer must provide proof at the gate upon arrival. This can be in the form of written proof of Carer's Allowance or a local authority Carer's Emergency Card.  No proof ... no complimentary pass!


Q: Where are Camping Pitches located?

A: For a start, Camping Pitches are on basic grass, not manicured lawns of bowling green/putting green standard. This is because in June the 'buttercup grass' is used for silage (winter feed) for animals. Longer grass soon folds down to become a green & yellow carpet which also prevents the ground becoming muddy. A combination of mowed grass, rain and vehicle movement/foot traffic quickly turns green areas into brown mud baths, whereas longer grass flattens out and stays green for the duration of the show! In September the grass is still a little long, but perfectly acceptable.

For those who book early, there are several camping areas within the 'middle of the racecourse'. When and if we announce that camping is sold out (which we've had to do for the last three events), then camping is still available within The Meadow. This area however is weather dependent, plus it has limited facilities (just temporary toilets - showers/Elsan disposal points/drinking water all 5 min. walk), so if you're late when booking camping, always telephone first on 07305 011 515 to enquire about availability.


Q:  Is pre-event camping possible?

A:  Yes!  Pre-event camping is available anytime from 13:00 Wednesday 14th September 2022 and/or Thursday 15th September 2022 @ just £10 per night for vehicles under 9.9m long, and @ £18 per night for vehicles over 10m long. No need to pre-book, simply pay in cash upon arrival (plastic not accepted).

NOTE: Campers are advised to arrive before the rush on Friday 16th September 2022.


Q:  What happens if I arrive mid-evening on Wed 14th, Thurs 15th, Fri 16th or Sat 17th September 2022?

A:  Due to safety reasons, at 20:00 each night a temporary 'Overnight Holding Area' operates until 09:00 the following morning.

In effect this means that if you arrive at the venue when the gate is closed, you can still 'get in', camp and avail yourself of all the facilities (toilets, showers, etc.), plus entertainment in two marquees ("Severn Cider Beer Tent" with rock/middle of the road covers bands + Tom Dibb's "Campervan Live Lounge" - more 'chilled out' music) and quality hot food from the catering outlets up until midnight. In the morning simply collect your pre-paid passes/wristbands at Check-in, then drive to the designated campsite safely in daylight ... so in actual fact there is very little difference, except for the fact the Overnight Holding Area is one side of a five-bar gate, the regular campsite the other!

It is solely because we staff that five-bar security gate 24 hours a day that enables us as organisers to legally fulfil Health & Safety requirements, thus keeping our Public Liability Insurance valid.

If booking near to the event it's always advisable to contact the organisers first to make certain camping is not sold out - it may save you a wasted journey.


Q:  Is single night camping available?

A:  No … sorry!  This is due to some dishonest individuals in the past booking and paying for camping just one night (Friday), then staying over until Monday morning!


Q:  What are the times of arrival Friday to Sunday over the event weekend? 

A: Friday 16th September 2022

Trade/camping gate opening hours 13:00 – 20:00 (after which an Overnight Holding Area operates until the following morning)

Access to indoor trade stands within the grandstands complex ceases at 20:00


Saturday 17th September 2022

Main gate reopens at 08:00 for trade only, 09:00 for those in the Overnight Holding Area. Show opening hours for day visitors and new campers 10:00 – 17:00

(vehicle movement is strictly forbidden on walkways between 10:00 and 17:00 on Saturday)


Sunday 18th September 2022

Main gate reopens at 08:00 for trade only, 09:00 for those in the Overnight Holding Area. Show opening hours for day visitors and new campers 10:00 – 16:00

(vehicle movement is strictly forbidden on walkways between 10:00 and 16:00 on Sunday)


Q  When do campers have to leave?

A  Weekend Camping Passes are for up to 3 nights Friday 16th to Sunday 18th September 2022. Departure by 16:00 Monday 19th September 2022.


Q  What facilities are available?

A:  There are several standard/disabled toilet blocks housed within the grandstands complex and a central permanent brick building adjacent to the various campsites in the middle of the racecourse. Showers are at these locations as well. There are five mains water taps for campers, but unfortunately no electric hook-ups. Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, phones, etc. can however be charged at the Event Office free of charge. There is also a laundry in the Touring Park behind the clock tower. Lastly there are two Elsan disposal points. The first is in the centre of the racecourse, to the rear of the Night Market (no vehicle access - on foot only), while it's possible to drive to the second disposal point, again to the rear of the clock tower.



SHOWTIME: 24hr SECURITY / MEDICAL EMERGENCY NUMBER: 0800 112 3020 [Magister Events]