You’ve heard of “Smokey & The Bandit”, well meet “Smokey the Two-Stroke”

Not all Display Vehicles are monster 8×8 expedition trucks, some are a little more subdued. Case in point is the iconic Tuk Tuk. Granted, to some it may come low in the pecking order, but to others like this example, it’s top of the pile!

Well look happy James, you’re outside one of the best establishments in town!

The thing is, it’s not just a showpiece, it’s an expedition vehicle! Owned by one James Warren of Loughborough, Leicestershire, he and his pride ‘n’ joy are off this year on a Highlands & Islands Scottish adventure with 6 cyclists in tow (hopefully not literally) as they tackle the North Coast 500.

“Smokey the Two-Stroke” sporting an Oz Tent and a gallon of petrol that’ll do 100 mpg . Who needs a 2 bed with en suite bathroom, 1 reception room and kitchen expedition truck struggling to reach 10 mpg?

Where have James and his Tuk Tuk ventured previously?

Well to answer that you only have to ask the man himself, for James and “Smokey and the Two-Stroke” (our nickname for his machine, not his) will be on display this April in the ‘Adventure Bike Zone’ at the Spring edition of the Adventure Overland Show. Come and say hello!

AN ANNOUNCEMENT: This story has a twist – do you own a Tuk Tuk? Fancy displaying it at the Spring show? If so contact Event Director Tom McGuigan at to arrange a complimentary pass. Only genuine Asian-made Tuk Tuks though, no Italian Piaggio substitutes.

Bring on the next adventure!

The ‘largest gathering of Tuk Tuks in the UK’, now that would be a sight for sore eyes! What have we done?

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