COVID STATEMENT (issued 07-09-20)

At the start of August we the organisers of the joint “Adventure Overland Show” + “International Campervan Show” spent 30+ hours compiling Covid-Secure Risk Assessments for the district and county councils/police/fire/Public Health England, the Highways Agency (plus numerous other bodies), this has seen us get the green light for the show to go ahead … so rest assured the event will be as safe as we can possibly make it. Warwickshire Police even commented how well thought out our Risk Assessments were, and concluded by wishing us “good luck with the event” – a first in 20 years of running shows!!! Thank you for the kind words. It was a challenge (understatement of the year) but when you arrive, hopefully you’ll appreciate it was all worth it.

I personally attended a market recently – not just any old market mind, it’s advertised as “the biggest one-day market in the UK” – and I can tell you their Covid precautions were atrocious. Stalls were butted up to one another, I saw just one santiser station in the whole place, people were wandering about cheek by jowl anywhere they wanted; quite frankly it was scary! I assure you that our Covid precautions will be the complete opposite.

Traders will be spaced apart, the walkways will be wider with a newly introduced one-way system around the entire venue, the campsites will be laid out in a grid system adhering to the rules and high standards of the foremost motorhome/caravan club in the UK, seminars will be held outdoors under cover, we’ll have in place 25 sanitiser stations throughout the venue, loos/showers will be cleaned and sanitised hourly with a deep clean early mornings, the number of toilets have trebled, a team with pressurised back-packs will be sanitising pinch points throughout the weekend, the seating in the Beer Tent will implement government legislation on restaurants, the Acoustic Marquee will still be in full swing albeit with outdoor seating around the fire-pits, security has increased dramatically with SIA approved stewards (at great expense with canines no less, a first for us) monitoring social distancing during the Night Market, Beer Tent, the Airbrushed Big Rigs trucks night light display and the Acoustic Marquee, patrols in the camping areas to ensure large gatherings don’t take place, the volunteer Marshals pre-event will receive first-aid and specific Covid training, and finally we’ve commissioned one of the top medial teams in the country (up to Paramedic levels) to be in attendance from Friday set-up day to Monday breakdown; they normally cover motorsport events – in other words the very best of the best!!!

Trust all this will allay your concerns, we literally couldn’t do any more to ensure the safety of visitors and of course our events team, all of which are non-paid volunteers by the way, every one of them only too willing to provide you the public with what we consider to be the best show of its type in the land. Enthusiasts one and all, there simply wouldn’t be a show without them! Most of you know who I’m referring to, they are truly amazing. A basic “Thank you” seems so inadequate, thankfully they know their efforts are very much appreciated by the traders, visitors and all involved … “THANK YOU!!!”

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