Christmas Crossword Competitions – WINNERS

The winners of the ten Travel/Automotive Crossword Competitions (to win a Family Weekend Camping Pass worth £70.00 at the next “Adventure Overland Show” at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse ‘Late Summer’ edition 18-19 September 2021) held within the event’s Facebook pages last Christmas, have just been announced.

In a nutshell … the entrants had to complete a crossword and then find and solve an anagram relating to camping/travel. The answers to the anagrams and the winning entries are:-

Mikey Smith                  THETFORD       (ICS crossword 1)

Fred Simpson               TRAVELLER     (ICS crossword 2)

Fay Allard                     PROPSHAFT    (ICS crossword 3)

Michael Allard               SKYLIGHT        (ICS crossword 4)

John Jarvis                   MATTRESS       (ICS crossword 5)

Jason Hill                      SUNSHINE        (AOS crossword 1)

Paul Ellison                   CAMPSITE        (AOS crossword 2)

Rob Munsey                 SUNSHINE        (AOS crossword 3)

Vaughan Southall          HAMMOCK       (AOS crossword 4)

Dave Pratt                    BARBECUE      (AOS crossword 5)

In actual fact the Family Weekend Camping Passes were originally intended for the ‘Spring’ edition of the event scheduled for April this year, but as this has been cancelled due to the pandemic, their winning passes will now be rolled over to the ‘Late Summer’ event instead.

I shall now take great pleasure of informing the lucky recipients in person via email.

Tom McGuigan

(Event Director, Adventure Overland Show)

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