Music acts for ‘Late Summer’ show announced

There will be two distinct entertainment areas for the ‘Late Summer’ edition of the event in September –

The “Severn Cider Beer Tent”, and our brand new attraction, “Tom Dibb’s Campervan Live Lounge.”


Severn Cider Beer Tent (located within the Food Court)

Friday evening 17th Sept 2021 – 8 Ball Joe

Normally THE band for Saturday night, they are sooooooo good we wanted to be different this time around. Back for the third time if my memory serves me right, these ZZ Top lookalikes are the ideal band for the Friday night as they set the scene for the entire weekend. A covers band that never fail to get folk dancing!!!

Saturday evening 18th Sept 2021 – Ska Waddy and Davey Malone

Ska-Waddy featuring Buster Bloodvessel … sadly not the real one!
Davy, doing what he does best … entertaining!


Davey Malone’s normally a headline act, so we’re lucky to have him in our ‘little’ Beer Tent!
Davey + campervan!








Tom Dibb’s Campervan Live Lounge (forming part of the Night Market)

Friday day/evening 17th Sept 2021 – headling Tom Dibb + Chloe Gaish, Hannigan, Josh Greaves and Joe Topping.




Saturday day/evening 18th Sept 2021 – ditto

Tom Dibb – one of us, he has a big following amongst the campervan community!!!










Sunday daytime 9th Sept 2021 – ditto

Life on the road for a musician, where would we be without a camper?

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