Mr Bean will be at the ‘Spring’ event!!!

Well, obviously not Rowan Atkinson’s crazy character, that really would be too good to be true, but we have still have something rather special to report. The Mr. Bean we’re referring to is actually Nigel Davis, proprietor of Off Road Bean, purveyor of quality sustainably-sourced coffee.

A self-confessed Land Rover nut, Nigel was at the last joint “Adventure Overland Show” + “International Campervan Show” last September. He enjoyed the vibe so much, he asked to return to both editions of the event this year – ‘Spring’ 4-5 June and ‘Late Summer’ 17-18 September 2022.

And of course we’re glad to have him back with ‘The best coffee in the country(side)’ … his slogan, not ours … but it is very good! As organisers we pride ourselves in providing quality catering at our events, so we’re very much looking forward in his attendance again.

If you’re in need of Off Road Bean at your event, then by all beans (oops a typo, should read “means”) give him a shout:-

07522 246111


The following article appeared in Land Rover Monthly magazine:-

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