New this April – ‘Adventure Workshops’

Photo courtesy of Unique Expeditions

Another new attraction at the ‘Spring’ edition of the joint “Adventure Overland Show” + “International Campervan Show” has just been launched – ‘Adventure Workshops’.

Located in the racecourse’s main grandstand, the zone features free-to-attend interactive workshops covering a wide range of subjects including navigation, vehicle maintenance, 4×4 driving & recovery techniques, bush mechanics, medical, and bushcraft & survival … basically all aspects of life connected with 4×4/overland/campervan/motorhome travel.

Both specialist companies and private experts in their particular field will be on hand to impart knowledge and advice, plus answer your questions relating to overland travel, expeditions, exploration, and all forms of domestic and foreign travel.

There will also be a full programme of demos and tutorials, again covering important aspects of our hobbies and pastimes. So whether your transport is one-wheel-drive or eight-wheel-drive, the subjects covered will appeal to everyone!

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