Off-road caravans have arrived!

For decades, potential buyers have had to purchase off-road caravans direct from overseas (e.g. Australia, South Africa, USA), who for a variety of reasons haven’t always been totally reliable when it comes to aftermarket service.

Thankfully the problem is now solved as there’s a new kid in town! Pilgrim Caravans Outdoors is a 100% British company, and what is more, they will be displaying their impressive products at the ‘Spring’ edition of the joint “Adventure Overland Show” + “International Campervan Show” next month (15-16 April 2023).

Pilgrim Caravans Outdoors is a UK business distributing off grid and off road capable caravans to the UK.

The caravans are made to European standards in Turkey with a solid steel chassis, thoroughly insulated, independent suspension and recognisable name brand components. There are 3 and 4 berths available, with a 2 berth in development.

After taking our NTR-4X throughout Europe and Asia, through mountains, mud, snow and remote areas, we can honestly say we have used the product and put it through its paces. It’s taken a beating, but is still going strong! Come see the NTR-4X at the show.

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