If you want adventure, Africa Rally is there for you!

Great news – Paul Clayton (Rally Director of Africa Rally Group) will be providing a 1hr talk as part of the free-to-attend Seminar Sessions at the upcoming ‘Late Summer’ edition of the show next month [16-17 September 2023]

Paul standing next to his Cortina & Wolseley – two highly unsuitable but awesome overlanding vehicles, a 1980 Mark 4 Ford Cortina, and a 1960 Straight 6 Wolseley.

Paul explains …

“Ten years ago we set up the Africa Rally Group, the intention being to put on a yearly 4,500km charity road trip departing South Africa and arriving in Kenya three weeks later.  Our experience of overlanding in Africa has allowed us to not only host this event, but also to encourage participants to use old, or highly “unsuitable” vehicles when compared with what you would normally expect.

The result? I’ve personally broken down, been lost, stuck, and often a little bit drunk, in some spectacular situations. Through those experiences I have come up with some rules for safely, helpful suggestions, and general tips and tricks for overlanding in Africa.

Onwards in Botswana – a 1976 VW Kombi converted to run a Ford 3 litre v6 engine in the back.
Mauritania with the Suzuki – a £500 eBay find crossing the Tropic of Cancer in Mauritania on the way to Dakar, Senegal.

This seminar tells the story of the transition from idiot abroad, to overlanding pro, in the hope you’ll avoid some of my mistakes and feel confident in getting out on the road in Africa.”

Bush mechanics at its best – building a makeshift gravity fed fuel system for a 1978 Leyland Mini, in the middle of Tanzania.









A full list of Seminars will be published within this website and Facebook approx. two weeks before the event.

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