Bushcraft activities at the show – update!

An avid supporter of the “Adventure Overland & Campervan Show” from Day One, Kev Keane has been providing his “Bushcraft For Kids” attraction for over 12 years now!

Recently he has been joined by Rika Bushcraft of Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire.

Together they will be providing a host of activities at the upcoming edition of the show at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse.

An introduction to Kev Keane, Kai Mitton & Clare Smith:-

Kev Keane has been a respected member of the outdoor community for many years coming to be known as the guy to go to for outdoor cooking and game preparation. His early career after leaving the Royal Air Force saw him supporting now very large companies, using his primitive knowledge and bushcraft skills to guide instructors to the next level. Over the last few years Kev has been working with Kai and Clare at Rika ACE CIC (Rika Bushcraft) on the circuit where a symbiotic relationship of mutual support has flourished.

Kai started working in commercial kitchens at a young age and came through the ranks to work in Michelin star establishments and country dining alike. Kai has always held a passion for the outdoors and spent time in the woods. During the pandemic Kai was made redundant so his 5-year plan to start a bushcraft company was sped up and when Clare joined him at Rika in 2021 it was moved into warp drive. Clare, with a background in large project management and delivering global solutions soon saw the flaws in Kai’s ability to put his ideas into action, so she took the reins of the sales and marketing side and slowly became the day-to-day person in charge. Clare and kai have a passion for helping people, so their focus of work has always been the underprivileged and overlooked in society. We particularly enjoy working with young people and helping them on the journey to becoming more outdoorsy.

We all look forward to welcoming you to our bushcraft zone at the overland show so please come and see us.


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