It’s an Aussie invasion – via Switzerland!

Confused? It’s simple really. New to the Europepean market and certainly new to the UK are an Australian-made range of ‘slide-on’ campers set to take Europe by storm.

Imported by a Swiss company who hold the European importation rights, slide-on campers are all the rage down under. But what exactly is a slide-on camper?

Three big differences. First off we would know them better as ‘demountables’, although whereas we would mount them in the sunken load bed of a 4×4 pick-up, in Oz they mount them on a ‘tray-back’ – a 4×4’s flat bed behind the cab.

Secondly, it’s a lot lighter than it’s rivals as it’s made primarily from non-welded Aluminium ( unlike most other campers which constructed in fibreglass), allowing for a lightweight and super-strong flexible structure. It also has a lower stance than regular demountables, meaning that not only it it safer when driving off-road due to the lower centre of gravity, with less wind resistance when driving it’s less prone to wind resistance on motorways and open countryside.

All this means that the host vehicle uses less fuel, so has a longer range between fuel stops. Again, not so relevant if you’re bimbling around Central Europe, but go beyond to the Americas or Asia, then it’s a factor that becomes oh so important.

Thirdly, and this is the clincher, the Trayon camper has another trick up its multi-tasking sleeve. Unlike its European counterparts the Trayon body is lightweight, water and dustproof … in other words designed to cope with the harsh elements the Australian bush. If it can handle those, then Stelvio Pass will hold no fears!

Taking 1 person barely 3 minutes to erect for camp, each camper has the ability to free-stand either in camp or can be stored  to free up your vehicle for normal everyday use.

Exploring the world since 1994, 100% Australian-made Trayon campers come in single-cab, extra-cab and dual-cab versions to suit almost any suitable vehicle, plus with their legendary and proven toughness, they come with a 10 year structural warranty. For further information, go to

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